3 Exterior Design Trends for 2022 – Part 2

polished exterior

In the last blog we talked about 3 exterior design trends, now in this blog, we’ll discuss three more. It isn’t any shock that homeowners are prepared to tackle all of the most recent trends in exterior home design that are expected for the year 2022. Because after all, a thoughtfully-designed, polished exterior is important…

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3 Exterior Design Trends for 2022

exterior design trends

Curb appeal isn’t just critical in increasing a home’s value, it is also important for creating a lifestyle and setting that is customized to a home’s inhabitants.   The top 2022 exterior house design trends provide various ways to curate the exterior space so that it accomplishes unique style and character. These three ideas provide…

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Composite doors: What are they made of?

Composite doors are designed of a choice of materials, which includes uPVC and a solid timber to name a few. Each material is selected for its unique properties which are fused together to create an exceptionally strong door. Unlike uPVC doors made of plastic alone, Chattanooga Exterior’s composite doors are forged utilizing multiple materials glued…

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