modern deck designAll home décor trends have their time in the sun. Just like every season brings its own style, so will every year. Trends in home décor of 2023 are not limited to only the inside of a house. Outdoor living trends for 2023 exist and below we list three for the decking industry:

Multi-Colored Decks

Every few years, decking color choice trends change; however, new for 2023 is the use of more than a single color in deck boards. As consumers become more comfortable and educated with low-maintenance decks, imaginations have grown. Selecting more than one deck floor color does not have to be expensive and, in most cases, won’t increase the budget, whatsoever.

Varied Width Decks

There are some decking suppliers available that provide deck boards in not only multiple lengths but in multiple widths. Unique to the industry of decking for 2023 is a look that never has been seen before in outdoor spaces. Adding unique design and character, a varied-width deck option will surely shock your neighbors and ensure that you’re on trend for 2023. Using these types of boards will come with a higher price tag; however, if you’re on the lookout for variety in deck design, and you don’t mind spending a bit more, the investment may just be the thing “making” your outdoor space. Typically, varied-width boards will include anything from 4 inches to 8 inches and be matched and mixed to create designs.

The Use of Creative Lighting

Deck lighting isn’t new. Landscape lighting isn’t new. Designing an outdoor living space with both in mind is trending for 2023. Oftentimes our outdoor spaces get pieced together over time and creating a single lighting design for the entire space might be just the thing to tie everything together. If you’re choosing 2023 to redesign that space, now’s the time to think about your lighting options. A lot of outdoor lighting suppliers provide both landscape and deck lighting to complement the space. Expanding your use of your backyard and deck, in addition to safety, are the main considerations while deciding on lighting. The deck designers at Chattanooga Exteriors will help you achieve both!

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