polished exterior In the last blog we talked about 3 exterior design trends, now in this blog, we’ll discuss three more. It isn’t any shock that homeowners are prepared to tackle all of the most recent trends in exterior home design that are expected for the year 2022. Because after all, a thoughtfully-designed, polished exterior is important in setting the whole tone of a homestead. Curb appeal isn’t just vital in boosting a home’s value, it is also crucial for creating a lifestyle and setting that is customized to a home’s inhabitants.


Variation in the Color Family

One great trend in exterior home design for 2022 is to avoid contrast and then approach coordination from a more subtle viewpoint. That means staying within the same family of colors while choosing accent shades for roofing and trim. For instance, dark grey trim with light grey siding or dark brown trim with light brown siding — that approach of sticking within one color family is going to create a new way to upgrade the exterior of a house for 2022.


 Serious Exterior Living Spaces

newly-design living roomGone are the days when rocking chairs on a porch was sufficient for creating a great exterior environment. One of the most popular design trends in 2022 is to elevate exterior living by creating extensive exterior living spaces that may accommodate various activities.

Seating is still essential, which includes swings, rocking chairs, and exterior sofas; however, other exterior furniture setups are going to also witness a surge, like exterior sinks, kitchens, dining spaces, and grills. Covered spaces, such as sheltered lounges and pergolas, also are going to be highly sought-after for 2022. Essentially, more robust exterior spaces that may accommodate extended time outside are going to be key to exterior home designs for 2022.


Glasswork that has Height

exterior glassworkBesides bringing interior activities outside, design trends for 2022 also incorporate the bringing of exterior lighting in along with elongated windows that offer extensive natural lighting. Floor-to-ceiling skylights and windows are set to have a big presence for 2022 exterior home design trends as homeowners look to reinforce a connection with the outside — even while they are indoors.

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