These days, families are spending more time at home, children are learning at home, and folks working from home. It’s no wonder three door and window remodeling trends are emerging to reflect that reality. Property owners are renovating to increase ventilation and natural light. They’re also looking for noise reduction options and ways to increase outdoor accessibility. windows in office


More ventilation and large windows

By increasing a window’s size along with correct positioning, your windows will add more ventilation and provide natural light for your home.

Windows are now trending toward the span of entire walls by blending windows to make floor to ceiling glass. Many are opting for broader expanses of glass and wider, taller windows.

An awning, which is basically a horizontal casement may be placed at ceiling or floor level to offer room ventilation. Ventilation awnings are becoming a popular option, along with picture windows as low-cost methods of achieving a larger expanse of glass with ventilation.


Outdoor-indoor seamless accessibility

For many years, connecting the inside to the outside has been a home remodeling and commercial building trend. The pandemic has made the trend a high priority! Confined to their homes, homeowners made and continue to make improvements to their outside spaces, increasing accessibility to those safe gathering spaces and sanctuaries. door in living room

How is it possible to create beautiful expansive views and openings with a broad array of configurations and styles?

Folding, Multi-Slide and Lift and Slide Patio Doors. These doors are capable of creating expansive openings and open with ease. A lift and slide door works by turning the handle to permit the unit to move, lifting the door then removing the pressure upon the track for convenient operation.

Sliding French and Sliding Patio Doors. Modern-day sliding glass doors, oftentimes referred to as a French slider, expand two-panel configurations to four panels.


Noise reduction

As more folks work from home, the industry is now seeing a rise in inquiries for doors and windows that offer noise control. window and doors on patio

A great place to start includes evaluating a window’s acoustic performance by understanding its STC (Sound Transmission Class). If a dual-pane window has a Sound Transmission Class rating of about 27, by asking for the suitable options you can increase this value up to approximately STC 34.

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