Searching for the top energy-efficient windows for your house? Read on to learn more about your options and gain insight on the advantages energy-efficient windows offer. exterior home

Improving the energy efficiency of a home is one of the leading reasons homeowners opt to update or replace their old windows. An energy-efficient window not only makes your house more comfortable all year long, but they also can assist homeowners in cutting down on energy expenses. In decreasing energy usage, an energy-efficient window helps homeowners lower their carbon footprint, ultimately helping to protect the environment.

An improvement in energy efficiency is an advantage that everyone expects once they install new windows. However, there are many factors, including proper installation, that determine how much improved comfort and performance you will see in your house. When you are on the lookout for energy-efficient replacement or new windows, bear these four factors in mind:

Glass That is Energy Efficient

Dual-pane glass windows will insulate almost two times as well as single-pane glass windows, whereby triple-pane glass windows will maximize your energy efficiency. Inert argon gas may be used between window panes of glass in order to help decrease thermal transfer and improve insulating properties. Obscure, tinted, tempered, and laminated insulating glass solutions are available, in addition to products that have impact-resistant glass.

Installation of Windows

Correct window installation helps prevent air infiltration and even expensive water damage to your property. If incorrectly installed, the windows might not properly operate. Check the square, bowing, plumb, and level and the reveal to figure out if your windows were properly installed.

Placement of Windows

It is possible to increase the energy efficiency of your windows by choosing certain low-emissivity glass coatings for various areas of your house. Those are thermal protection layers inside insulating glass which assist in:

  • Reflecting summertime heat and retaining indoor cooling
  • Reflecting winter cold and retaining indoor heat
  • Blocking harmful ultraviolet rays to assist in preventing fade damage


The climate and geographic location of your home assist in determining what type of windows you select and what options of glass may enhance energy efficiency.

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