modern deck designA deck is an extension of a living space. Once conditions are right, it might be your favorite area to spend your downtime. So, why not expand on the pastimes you enjoy on the deck, as well as increase time spent outdoors?  Here are four fun things our deck installers bet you never considered doing on the deck:

Play Live Music

Anybody can position a Bluetooth speaker on a deck and listen to their favorite music on a hot summer evening but why not instead, bring in a live band?  Whether it is your brother and his guitar or a 6-piece band, an outdoor deck, particularly an elevated deck, will make for a fantastic stage. Your family and friends will appreciate such a unique experience and the party will surely be a memorable occasion. Just remember to invite your neighbors before the fun begins!

Host a Game Night

You should consider hosting a family game night outdoors. The deck may offer the ideal place for charades or whatever games the family likes. Twister may be a bit sweaty; however, there are so many fun games that may be enjoyed outdoors and the deck offers an amazing chance to take the fun outdoors!

Host a Dance Party

There isn’t anything quite like a fun evening of dancing.  A deck makes the perfect dance floor. With the proper lighting, guests will not want to sit this one out.

Movie Night on the Deck

The night is the right time to view your favorite film. In front of a screen and projector on the deck make the best spot to be entertained. Turn on your popcorn maker, and carry out a few mattresses. The deck will top any type of drive-in experience. Keep in mind the deck is not merely for sitting on. It’s a great extension of your outdoor living space and ought to be used as such. So, consider expanding your horizons and give the above ideas a try!

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