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As the #1 American siding product, James Hardie siding protects more than 8,000,000 residences from coast to coast. Notorious for its high performance, durability, and beauty, the advantages of James Hardie siding are plentiful, including:

Avoiding the trouble of pest intrusion

Hardie Board siding is made up of cellulose fibers, sand, and cement. Its sturdy composition resists pests in order for you to avoid both the costly repairs and hassles pest infestations cause.

Skipping repairs caused by woodpecker damage

Woodpeckers love wood siding and cause a good amount of damage by compromising its integrity by pecking holes in it, which makes it susceptible to water intrusion. James Hardie siding resists woodpeckers, so you won’t need to replace and repair it like other types of siding.

Customizing your contemporary style

The brand’s most recent line of products—its Aspyre Collection—perfectly complements modern or contemporary residences. The luxury collection blends the distinctive, thick patterns of Artisan® siding along with the geometric, smooth Reveal® Panel System. It produces countless creative options for homeowners and architects to express even the most distinct preference in style.

Choosing baked-on color or pre-primed siding 

James Hardie siding is available in 2 ways: with baked-on color or pre-primed (prepared to be painted after installation). Their ColorPlus Technology provides factory baked-on color, adhering to James Hardie siding with a lot of strength. It won’t fade, resists UV ray damaging effects, and is available with a 15-year warranty. Select from two collections of designer-picked shades: The Dream Collection or The Statement Collection.

Protecting your loved ones with non-combustible siding

Vinyl siding melts in a fire and wood siding fuels a fire; however, Hardie siding resists fire—so it doesn’t contribute to household fires. James Hardie siding is endorsed by firefighters around the nation. Plus, it keeps your biggest assets safe: your home and your family. Some insurance providers even give discounts for houses protected by James Hardie siding.

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