Depending upon where you reside, you have probably seen a number of houses constructed with some of the most popular home siding color trends of today. Curious if you’ve spotted them? Read on to discover the 5 most popular house siding colors:

Autumn Red

House Siding Colors Autumn Red

There are very few colors which have the power to evoke emotions greater than hues in shades of red. As a siding shade for homes, reds which are reminiscent of a rusty, old barn red, primarily produced by utilizing linseed oil, are almost universally popular. The secret includes choosing a red that’s closer to brown or rust, rather than leaning towards fire engine red. When done properly, Autumn Red home siding color may evoke a feeling of nostalgia.

Coastal Blue

House Siding Colors Coastal Blue

Many hues of blue are seeing tremendous growth in popularity in recent years. While blue might be a bold shade compared with neutral colors, it also possesses soothing connotations and promotes a sense of peace and serenity with viewers.


House Siding Colors Cypress

For those who reside in the northern areas of the United States, you’re sure to find homes painted in shades similar to Cypress. The muted green is close enough to a neutral to be seen in many conservative regions, yet has enough hue to also work nicely in neighborhoods with dense forests and fields.

Desert Tan

House Siding Colors Desert Tan

No matter what area you reside in or which kind of architectural style your home has, true neutrals are universally popular.

Neutrals usually blend in well with their surroundings; therefore, they’ll work well in a community that boasts a variety of styles or colors without calling unneeded attention to the house, or clashing.


House Siding Colors Flagstone

The color gray has been a hot neutral color that many homeowners and designers have enjoyed for the past several years. Those who love the idea of neutrals, but don’t want to settle for shades of cream or tan may appreciate the robust beauty of grays such as Flagstone. This compelling shade goes well with tones of white and black, can make a red door pop, or serve as a perfect background for a blue accent, depending upon your personal preference.

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