Ahh! Back to school! That bag of mixed feelings that as parents we experience every year. For some, it’s the first ever encounter, the very first day of school. Joy, some tears, photo ops for sure. For others, perhaps it is the last first day of school, senior year begins and the future awaits.

Whatever back to school means for you, it comes with the relief in knowing that for several hours a day, your offspring is in good hands, and you, have some time on yours.

Time to think about a few fall projects, taking care of the home those children come home to. A touch up of paint here, a replaced gutter spout there. Maybe it’s even time to tackle that deck replacement or finally getting around to residing the house?

Whatever the project, remember Chattanooga Exteriors is a phone call away to help you tackle those needs, big or small. We can install a practically indestructible shield of James Hardie siding on your home, the only siding brand that offers beauty, design, low maintenance, and durability. James Hardie siding is flame and moisture resistant, protects against termites and pests, and is resistant to climate change.

Maybe you have been thinking of replacing your older worn deck with long lasting, durable composite decking, now that the kids are back in school it is the best time ever to get that done. Made with over 95% recycled materials, deeply wood grained in more than a dozen rich colors, and installed professionally by your local TrexPro Platinum contractor, Chattanooga Interiors. Getting a new deck has never less hassle free.

Now is also a good time to examine your gutters and downspouts as you get ready for the leaves and debris that will start happening in a few weeks. Check for large blockages of leaves, pine needles, or stray baseballs. It is best of course to check them when it’s raining: If water pours over the top of a gutter, it’s blocked. Be sure water flows freely from downspouts too. Problems? Let Chattanooga Exteriors inspect and repair any damage and offer a solution to prevent blockages from occurring in the future.

Now, pour yourself a nice cup of tea or coffee and listen to your house. Do you hear that? The sound of back to school … nice isn’t it?

If you would like to talk with us about any of your “back-to-school” projects give us a call at 423-389-4168 or simply fill out this short form.