There is nothing quite as welcoming as banquette seating, and it’s possible to add it to your house without having to spend a bunch of money. In this picture, a plain wall becomes a favorite hangout with the family because of black windows and grilles, as well as a simplistic built-inch bench that is installed beneath them. kitchen table and black windows

Windows installed over a banquette bring in natural lighting and make seating in the kitchen feel more inviting and open. To make sure a window-clad banquette remains comfortable no matter what the weather is outdoors, opt for windows that assist in making your house feel quiet and comfortable. Casement windows are able to open with the simplistic turn of a crank, and if you want, may be fitted with shades tucked between the glass panes or integrated blinds. An integrated window treatment is the ideal addition to a space of the house in which a lot of folks gather, as they’re protected from little hands, pets, spills, and dust.

Banquette Window Placement

While you install windows above a built-in kitchen bench, you ought to have your windows installed 24” off the floor to permit a seat height of 15” and a couple of inches higher if you have plans to add seat cushions. You should ideally also permit at least 27” of bench space for every individual to sit, with the depth of the bench at 18”, not counting back pillows.

Ideas for Banquette Design 

In the picture of the kitchen, a 36” mid-century-inspired round marble table couples with pink chairs from the exact same era. A lot of pillows designed of vintage textiles make this kitchen bench feel and look cozy and plush. Blue fabrics beautifully contrast with the pink.

Why Should You Get Black Windows?

In the seating area in the kitchen, black window frames will serve as bold accents against wood paneled, white-painted walls, emphasizing the vintage aesthetics of the home. Black windows, inspired by mid-century modern architecture, will take your home’s exterior and interior style to new levels.

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