composite doorsComposite doors are an excellent option when it comes to caring for your family and home. Crafted utilizing sturdy materials and leveraging the latest technology advancements, it is easy to see why their rise in popularity is more than a door trend.

With an array of design options, composite doors always impress and offer a host of benefits.

They offer a ‘wow factor’

Whether you choose one of our contemporary front doors or a more traditional option, a distinctive design will add an amazing look for your home’s main entryway.

A traditional composite door is perfect for older homes or for adding a twist to a more contemporary home. Traditional composites are ideal for those who want a high-quality update without having to compromise the classic look of their house. Combining the advantages of double glazing and uPVC with a more classic appearance makes composite doors the perfect option for most homeowners.

They’re durable and strong

With a strong outer frame and insulating foam core, the multi-layered composition of these doors offers resilience and strength. It makes them ideal for home use in any region, including the mountains of Tennessee.

They require little or no maintenance

One main benefit of composite doors is that they do not require costly and time-consuming maintenance to keep them in top shape. Contrary to a traditional timber door, a composite door isn’t vulnerable to cracking, warping, or fading, and there’s no need for repainting. An easy wipe down using a soapy, damp sponge will keep it looking fresh and new.

Thermal efficiency is unrivaled with Therma-Tru Entry Doors

A-rated as a standard, our Therma-Tru Entry Doors are more than capable of keeping your property comfortable. Heat will not escape and cold temperatures cannot make their way in; therefore, you’ll enjoy a warmer house and lower energy bills. All of our Therma-Tru Entry Doors are crafted with triple glazing for even more thermal insulation.

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