From major backyard upgrades to landscape enhancements, homeowners around the world have clung to the new obsession with outside living spaces. The real estate marketplace has taken notice, marking boosts in sales prices for properties boasting notable outside areas. As a matter of fact, buyers within markets throughout communities of all types are noting how crucial it is to have an outdoor area that’s visually appealing, livable, and prime for enjoyment.

Classico Patio Roof with Bronze framing

As a result of that movement, the need for patio pergolas has seen a huge increase. A property’s exterior has abruptly become the centerpiece of aesthetic appeal, entertainment, and pride. Beyond that, a patio pergola’s functionality means extending a home’s livable space while also protecting the house itself from adverse elements.

We could go on further about the bells and whistles connected with outside living, yet today we’re specifically focusing on patio pergolas. The following includes the top nine benefits of patio pergolas:

  1. Add massive space to usable outside space. A pergola provides a haven for furniture and additional outdoor decorations which otherwise would get damaged out in the open air.
  2. Protect and shade the patio space from adverse elements to enjoy your backyard all year long.
  3. Enhance the property value of you or your client’s house as you take advantage of the new buyer demands for aesthetically appealing backyard structures.
  4. Create a new privacy level in you or your client’s patio.
  5. Enhance aesthetics with various design colors and materials that complement the surrounding property’s look, as well as satisfy personal taste.
  6. Entertain outdoors with a welcome space for friends and family.
  7. Upgrade the general beauty and appearance of a home.
  8. Give way to more gardening space. Vertical gardening utilizing a pergola is an efficient method of adding greenery to a backyard.
  9. Reap all of the benefits of a durable, low maintenance outside structure.

The advantages related to patio pergolas abound. Ready to enhance your outside space? Call our team to learn more about durable, functional, and beautiful patio pergola options and custom design capabilities.

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