exterior deckIf you’re in the process of designing a custom patio or deck or are searching for ways to revive an existing exterior space, consider installing a patio or deck covering such as a screened in porch or pergola. Not only will those shade structures provide protection from weather, they can also ensure privacy and enhance your exterior space’s appearance. If you are uncertain about which shade structure is proper for your needs and wants, here is an overview of the most sought-after patio and deck shade structures.

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Pergolas include freestanding structures that have open sides or sides that have latticework and solid or slatted roof. Typically, pergolas are placed with the landscape design and may define walking spaces, cover pathways, or cover patios and entertaining spaces.

Arbors are popular freestanding patio and garden structures that often are used as an archway or gate. Many choose to accent the features with flowering vines. Arbors vary from pergolas as they typically lack more substantial architectural design or cover outdoor sitting spaces.

Trellis are another frequently used framework in gardens that help climbing vines. Typically, a trellis is freestanding and is made of of metal, vinyl, or wood that has latticework along the sides, allowing the plant’s vines to climb along.

Gazebos are an 8-sided exterior garden or patio structure that have a solid roof. Typically, gazebos are the most intricate patio or deck structure available and may be an appealing addition to an exterior area if the surrounding landscape works within the gazebo’s style. Generally, gazebos are very durable and may stand up to rough weather conditions.

In the past, a screened-in porch was built right onto your home, usually off the door for easy accessibility. But these days, screened-in porches have become much more elaborate and may be constructed as a component of your deck or patio design. Rather than glass windows, the structures are constructed with massive screens that offer all of the positive experiences of being outside without the rain, bugs, dust, etc.

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