deck outdoor designIf this is your first deck, you may be wondering how you should take care of your decking. Below is a list of do’s and don’ts in terms of caring for and enjoying your brand-new deck.


  • Wash the deck. There isn’t any decking product in the market requiring no maintenance. All manufacturers want you to occasionally wash the deck. Keep in mind that everything outdoors is going to get dirty. The beauty of a low-maintenance deck is that a quick spot treating or mopping will have the deck appearing like new once again. All manufacturers have their own cleaning recommendations. Usually, Dawn dish soap will work wonders.
  • Inspect the deck one or two times a year. Take a close look at the deck on a consistent basis. The majority of decks are warrantied. Check for warping, cracks, splitting, etc., just in case a warranty claim is necessary. Those occurrences rarely happen but may happen.
  • Remove ice and snow. Even though low-maintenance decks are less slippery when wet than dry, ice and snow on any type of surface may leave behind a hazard. Low-maintenance decks aren’t any different, so clear all of the ice and snow before a hazard happens.


  • Use metal-tipped shovels on the deck. Even though shoveling the deck is fine, any metal might gouge the deck board’s surface. So, a plastic shovel should suffice.
  • Avoid using vinyl mats on the deck. You may have the urge to add vinyl-backed mats to your new decking to add a design element and help define the space, but stay away from anything that has vinyl. Vinyl sometimes causes a chemical reaction between the deck boards and the mat, and it might adversely impact the deck’s color. Instead, you should pick a rug made of sisal or cotton.
  • Power wash. A simplistic sweeping or mopping using a stiff push broom and a bit of soapy water will sufficiently clean the deck. A pressure washer might damage the deck board’s surface as the pressure may be too strong.

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