modern deck design

Deck safety is an important, but often overlooked topic. Is your deck in top shape? Use our checklist to access your outdoor living space and ensure your deck is in good condition:

Decaying or Split Wood

Check different areas of the deck. It gets done to ensure that the wood is still sound. Check the ledger board, joists under the deck, support posts, railings, deck boards, and stairs.

Pay special attention to areas that tend to get damp. Use a sharp object like a screwdriver or ice pick to penetrate the wood. If the sharp object penetrates the wood easily, it is a sign of decay. Look for holes in the wood. It can be a sign of insects.

Corroded or Loose Fasteners

Fasteners include anchors, screws, or nails. If you find any loose fasteners, you should tighten them immediately. If the fastener appears corroded or rusted, you need to get it replaced.

The stairs and deck should be even and not sway. You should fix them if they sway or move when tested.


It is a plastic or metal guard that directs water away and out from sensitive areas. It gets installed where the house and the deck come together. It helps keep debris and moisture from collecting between the deck’s ledger board and the home.

Always ensure that the flashing is firmly in place. Add or replace flashing if you notice areas that allow water to collect.


Check the handrails, risers, railings, stringers to ensure they are firmly attached. Keep the stair pathway clear of décor, planters, toys, and other items. It will help prevent tripping.

Railings and Banisters

Ensure the railings and banisters are secure. It is crucial if the deck is high off the ground.

Cleaning and Maintenance

Remove debris and leaves as they can be slippery. It will also promote mildew. If you see mildew on the deck, clean it and apply a waterproofing coating.

Chimneys, Candles, Grills, Fire Pits, and Heaters

All these features create a warm atmosphere on the deck. It also increases the risk of fire. Use caution and protect the deck with a non-flammable pad.

Lighting and Electrical

Check all lighting and electrical outlets and ensure they are in good working condition.

Outdoor Furniture and Storage

Check the sturdiness of all outdoor furniture and storage. Keep all chemical products away from the reach of children.

Surrounding Trees

Make sure there is no danger from surrounding trees.

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