Depending upon the budget and size of your decking, there are several choices for what kind of deck material you should use. Other considerations ought to include deck cleaning, repair, and maintenance. Explore the cons and pros of each deck material and get in touch with Chattanooga Exteriors right away for professional, reliable, and safe help with all of your deck requirements. Trex spiced rum decking


Maybe the most sought-after choice for decks, pressure treated wood is one of the best choices for most homeowners.


Pressure-treated wood, in most instances, is the most affordable choice in the short-run and it has an amazing lifespan. It also is durable enough to deal with moving grills, furniture, and whatever other items you plan on keeping on your deck.


Such wood may be prone to knots and warping, and also can require constant deck re-staining, maintenance, and repair.


They’re designed of recycled materials and are increasing in popularity for their minimal maintenance and consistent look.


There isn’t any need to be concerned with deck maintenance – most routine cleaning may be handled using a hose. In addition, boards are almost identical and are knot and warp-free.


Typically, in the short term, composite decking is more expensive, however, the expenses that are saved on deck repair, re-staining, and future cleaning might make composite decking the more affordable long-term choice.


There simply isn’t any substitute for high quality, natural wood. But there are a few disadvantages to cedar decks.


Cedar decks carry unparalleled beauty. Also, boards generally are more warp-free than pressure treated decks, which makes deck repair and installation less of a problem.


In order to maintain cedar decking’s natural beauty, it must be consistently resealed and cleaned. Even with constant and careful care, these boards usually lose their vibrant appearance quicker than additional materials.

Cleaning, repair, and maintenance of decks – Chattanooga Exteriors is able to do it all. No matter what material you have, each Chattanooga Exteriors contractor possesses at least ten years’ experience and has the ability to care for your “To-Do” list.

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