If you are shopping for replacement or new windows, you have probably come across vinyl window offerings. What exactly are the benefits of vinyl windows? Let’s go over a few details about vinyl windows to help you make your decision: vinyl windows

Benefits of Vinyl Windows 

There are many benefits of vinyl windows. One of the main benefits of vinyl windows is outstanding energy efficiency. One other benefit of vinyl windows is that they’re low-maintenance. Easy-to-care-for vinyl frames do not require any staining, painting, or refinishing and remain looking fantastic for years. Also, the fully welded frames and sashes on vinyl windows add durability and strength.

Maintenance of Vinyl Windows

If your vinyl window needs repair, step one includes requesting a service visit. During that visit, a service rep will diagnose the issue and determine how to fix the problem.

Replacement of Vinyl Windows

While replacing vinyl windows, there are a couple of methods of installation to select from. The first method is referred to as a pocket installation. In that method, only the sash of an old window is taken off and a new window neatly slides into an existing frame. It’s an excellent option if you’re looking to try to preserve your existing trim or are replacing a window of a similar size into the opening.

Full-frame installation methods remove the whole window, which includes the window trim and frame. This technique permits more design flexibility, as it’s possible to not only change the window, yet also the frame and trim styles and colors. This technique takes longer and will require more work both outside and inside the house, yet includes the installation of insulation, trim and a new window. It may be the perfect choice if energy efficiency is your main goal.

Vinyl windows are a budget-friendly, energy-efficient, and  low-maintenance option for replacement or new windows. With many options to select from, Chattanooga Exteriors’ vinyl windows provide homeowners versatility. Call us to arrange a complimentary in-home consultation right away and learn more information about the available vinyl window options for your house.

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