Double Hung Windows

The kind of windows you choose for your house can dramatically change a variety of its qualities, so it’s wise to carefully make this decision when you are replacing your windows. Here is an overview of the differences between and advantages of single hung and double hung windows:

The main difference between single hung and double hung windows is that on a double hung window, both sashes inside the frame are functional, which means that they may be opened up from the bottom or top sash. The sash on a double hung window also can tilt, making it easier to clean. A single hung window is the more common of the two, and it features a top sash that’s fixed in place and a bottom sash which may open upwards.

If you are searching for home windows that are easy to clean, a double hung window may be your best bet for your Chattanooga house. If the windows you are installing are on your home’s first floor and easy to reach, a single hung window is likely adequate.

Casement Windows: What are they?

Typically, casement windows are smaller, and they have a small “crank” or handle in their design that swings their sashes outward from your house toward the outdoors. Its window panes are hinged upon one part and swing open. A casement window is great for ventilation, and it may be open even while it’s raining without letting in any moisture into your house.

Which Windows Are Suitable for Your House?

Single Hung Window
If you simply require standard windows, a single hung window could be your best bet. It will give your home a classic look, and it can be energy efficient.

Double Hung Window
For higher stories of your Chattanooga home, a double hung window may be an excellent choice. Both of the sashes tilt inward, which makes it easy to clean the outside of its panes.

Casement Window
Also, casement windows are easy to clean due to their design, and they may be ideal for kitchens, bathrooms, or any additional room in which ventilation is essential.

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