Below is a list of 5 of the most common styles of home and a recommendation of what the best colors are for those designs:


Craftsman houses contain recognizable architectural features that have gabled roofs which usually have exposed rafters or wooden beams. Originally made to highlight wooden, hand-made design details, these homes generally have wood-like or wood siding, coordinating with the entire artisanal feel. Since this style showcases natural elements, it is common to find such homes seen with earthy-colored siding in shades such as sage or tan.


Originating within the 1600s, colonial houses are notorious for their strong symmetrical and geometric shapes that have a focal point on their front door. Featuring prominent windows paired with shutters, Colonial homes feature prominent windows that are paired with shutters and frequently have light-colored siding that has darker accents, which helps those details stand out. Traditional colonial houses range in siding shades from blue to red to white to beige.


Victorian homes, with a romantic architectural style, frequently look similar to dollhouses. Typically, such homes feature ornate detailing alongside the gables, porch, and other types of trim accents. Victorian home siding oftentimes features charming and playful colors, which include bold blues and purples.


As its name suggests, Mediterranean designs are influenced by the architecture discovered in Portugal, Greece, Spain, and France. Classic design elements of Mediterranean homes include sun-bleached exteriors that have red tile roofing and enclosed balconies or doorways that offer shade. Common siding shades on Mediterranean houses include yellows, oranges, browns, and reds on one part of the spectrum, and bright blues and whites on the other side of the spectrum.


The last 10 years have witnessed the resurgence of farmhouse designs, with a lot of designers modernizing this home style by making refined and clean design tweaks. Today’s modernized farmhouse appearance emphasizes simplicity, concentrating more on a neutral color palette of ivories, whites, and light grays around the exterior siding, accents, and trim.


Such homes are recognizable by their low-pitched, asymmetrical roofs, seamlessly coordinating with the property’s window trim, siding, and additional accents. A highly sought-after aesthetic for today’s contemporary properties includes making the residence blend in with nature, and emphasize a more sustainable method of homebuilding. In turn, many contemporary homes today pull a natural color palette in with wood-colored accents, siding, and roofs.

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