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before and after residingRe-siding a home can be a difficult process that requires many steps to ensure it is done right. Our team at Chattanooga Exteriors is ready and willing to help you with re-siding your home. Here are the steps you need to take when you are ready to reside your home.

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What is your reason for re-siding your home? Is the exterior worn thin? Is the upkeep becoming too much? Has a storm done damage to your home? All of these are viable questions. Our professional siding installers at Chattanooga Exteriors can help you decide if this is the best decision for you.

Do you need curb appeal?

Does your home need an upgrade look or perhaps, an entire remodel? Starting with the outside is a great solution. Fresh siding makes the home stand out and look new. Adding some touches like siding in addition to landscaping, new color and the like makes for an invigorated home with beauty at its base.

Do you have some other reason?

Are you just bored with your current look? Do you feel something is lacking with your home exterior? Are you looking to sell your home and want to make it look its absolute best? Upgrading your siding can help you take major strides toward meeting these goals.

Does your home need lower maintenance?

As a home ages, things need a bit more TLC than before. Vinyl is not indestructible, especially in serious storms. Vinyl does breathe in heat and can warp and crack over time. Residing a home with more recent technology such as James Hardie siding is a more durable solution that leads to decreased time spent on maintenance.

Advantages of James Hardie Siding

James Hardie siding is a fiber cement siding. It comes in an array of colors that are built to last with no fading. It costs less than wood siding, doesn’t attract pests, and is water resistant (which protects your home from mold growth, warping, and cracking). Another highly desirable feature is the warranty that James Hardie offers. They offer a 30 year, non-prorated warranty on all products and a 15 year non-prorated warranty on all trim products.

Our expert team at Chattanooga Exteriors would be honored to partner with you for your home residing project. We can walk you through any questions you may have, help you select the perfect color for siding and trim and more. Our experienced team is here for you from start to finish. Call us today at (423) 805-3800 and let’s get started on your siding project.

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