It isn’t difficult to imagine the benefits of building a deck during the summertime, which is the reason why so many pick that time of year to start construction. But the truth that so many do it during the peak season is a major part of the reason why the ideal time to construct a deck might actually be in the winter or fall. But, it depends on these factors:

Beat the Rush

Preparation and planning will pay off. The ideal patio and deck projects are usually scheduled and planned several weeks or even months ahead of time. The process of obtaining permits alone will take weeks, yet you generally will not encounter huge delays in the off-season.

Permits aside, constructing a deck in the winter means you may have a simpler time sourcing materials. In a lumberyard, common deck framing lumber is a basic commodity, but there might be supply chain problems.

Save Money

Constructing a deck during the off-peak season has many savings possibilities; some of that is just supply and demand. Sometimes, winter may be a slower time for contractors, who might provide pre-season incentives. But quality contractors might be booked as far as 6 to 9 months or even one year. They do not need to lower costs because their service demand is so high. Also, seasonality might affect the price of both uncommon and common building materials with costs rising in the peak season. In turn, the least expensive time of year to construct a deck is usually the winter.

Considerations When Constructing a Deck in Fall or Winter 

Constructing a deck in winter or fall calls for special considerations; however, it mainly comes down to the following factors:

  • Possible Delays Caused by Weather – If you begin earlier in the season, it’s possible to usually avoid ice and snow. But if inclement weather isn’t avoidable, it might delay construction.
  • Effect of Cold Temperatures and Weather on Materials – Lumber, composites, and other types of materials have their own relationship with harsh temperatures. Depending on the material, you might have to make special accommodations.

Essentially, it helps to have an experienced builder. Contact Chattanooga Exteriors today at (423) 389-4283 to get your deck planning underway!

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