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We at Chattanooga Exteriors can’t believe it’s already Fall again! The evenings are getting cooler and longer as the fall season progresses. However, just because the temperatures are dipping doesn’t mean we must move indoors! Fall is an excellent time to spend evenings outdoors. Perfectly customized outdoor fire pits and fireplaces are an outstanding method of extending your time outside. If you’re thinking about adding a wood burning fire feature or you already have one in the yard, be certain that you practice the following safety tips:

Consider the right placement

Fire features, particularly open fire pits, should not be placed on your property without any thought. Because of the fire and heat, they must be set away from your home, a minimum of ten to fifteen feet. You also will want to look and see if there’s any tree overhang directly over the fire itself. If there’s low overhang, it isn’t a good area for a fire.

Check what’s around or beneath it

Fire features are fairly versatile; however, they must be constructed correctly as not to damage the surrounding landscaping. When set upon a patio, there’s less concern about burning grass than with one that is set in the center of the yard. Be certain there’s some kind of flame resistant barrier that contains the flame and cinders of a wood burning pit.

Be cautious about what you burn

You might believe that burning yard debris is the better way to eliminate it; however, it may be a safety hazard. For example, dry leaves create lots of smoke, which can lead to visibility hazards. Many municipalities do not permit leaves to be burned for that reason alone.

Be ready to put out the fire

When it is time to head back inside, NEVER leave the fire unattended. Water, sand, or dirt may be utilized to safely put your fire out. If you’re buying a fire pit, be certain to also have a method of stifling the fire.

At Chattanooga Exteriors, we specialize in creating outdoor escapes, including custom deck installation services so you can make the most of your backyard this fall season. Have a vision in mind or need help customizing your outdoor space? Our team is just a call away. You can reach us at (423) 389-4283.

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