farm house windows

The trend in black windows started going mainstream for home exterior over 10 years ago. Only recently has it migrated to a home’s interior. But the black window look certainly isn’t new; it pays homage to the historic windows from centuries-old factory structures. The wrought iron feeling is rooted in history. In an Urban Modern or Modern Farmhouse house, black windows offer a bold industrial accent that counterbalances natural wood surfaces, as well as neutral color palette.

It’s not exactly a secret that the trend has increased in popularity recently. Top architects and designers are utilizing black windows on the inside of homes to accentuate contemporary concepts and make bold statements. There are several benefits to using black windows throughout a home’s interior. Similar to how a bold black photo frame enhances the appearance of a picture, black window frames emphasize and enrich a window’s view. White, stark walls that have black, sleek windows may evoke an art gallery feeling – which adds drama to a room and even carries the artistic air throughout the space. What’s more, black windows frequently appear best undressed. This saves a homeowner the cost of expensive window treatments.

Consider utilizing black windows on a home’s first floor where the public spaces usually do not need the additional privacy of blinds or curtains. Then, utilize white, traditional windows on a home’s second floor where, unless you live on a secluded mountainside, your windows may require covering for more private rooms. Above all, you’ll want to make sure the windows have a cohesive appearance while viewing from the outside.

The Farmhouse Modern style calls for awning, casement, or double hung windows that feature traditional grill patterns. But be certain grills are low profile, sleek, and thin, or they’ll look too overbearing and bold.

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