Every house is different in its architectural style, and what works for one house, might not look right for another house. Update or keep true to the architectural style of your home by taking into consideration your location and time period in which the house was built.

Modern and Contemporary Window Ideas

contemporary window designContemporary design and style are consistently evolving, meaning contemporary design components are simple to combine with many other design styles. Contemporary, modern style is about balancing simplicity and boldness to bring a feeling of openness to your house. Help to create that feeling with massive picture windows which bring the outdoors in. Contemporary style houses are extremely popular today, and Mid-century design is still fresh because of this architectural style’s simplicity.

Traditional Home Windows

traditional window housesWindows in traditional houses are simplistic and concentrate on remaining a neutral color. Casement windows are very popular in traditional residences because of their capability of controlling air flow and ease of use. Installing casement windows enables you to create a classic, but functional, arrangement of windows. Blacks, grays, browns, tans, and whites all make excellent color options in terms of selecting your interior and exterior window finishes. Add some curb appeal and character to a traditional family house by customizing the windows with various grille patterns, like traditional grille patterns.

American Farmhouse-Style Windows

 American Farmhouse Style WindowsTraditionally, farmhouse-style houses have double-hung windows which are taller than they are wide. At the time that farmhouses were initially being built, the window design was what the majority of homeowners went with just because it was what they could afford or what was available. Currently, accent windows are highly sought-after for farmhouse doorways and patios. Black windows are one other trendy choice which works well with this home style. The striking contrast and simple lines of black windows perfectly accent farmhouse styles.

The proper kind of windows really can make a difference in the style of your home. Our team at Chattanooga Exteriors is available to guide you through the steps to understanding which windows are more suitable for the needs of your house. Contact us today to schedule a consultation.