Once you have made the decision to install a brand-new deck, it’s time to consider which kind of features you want to include in your home upgrade. An elevated outdoor living experience is possible with a barbecue pit, fire pit, and wooden table. You can opt for a modern style deck with an outdoor kitchen, classy dining arrangements, and fireplace. Whatever your style, your brand-new deck is a blank canvas awaiting your personal touches. exterior deck


Storage and Seating

Seating may come in several sizes and shapes. Consider combining stools, benches, or chairs. Depending on the deck design you are going to install, you could opt for stationary seating that matches mobile seating. Do you need storage? You can include storage in modern, functional seating or in easy to access, separate locations like custom outdoor cabinets. Eventually, your storage and seating boils down to how you’ll be using your deck.


Make It Comfortable

Keep in mind, whatever storage, seating, and the overall layout you select, needs to be comfortable for your family and visitors. One way you can do this is by adding finishing touches like blankets, pillows, and other great deck accents that foster a relaxed feel. Another method of creating a comfortable space includes installing a water feature which may be heard from your deck. It’ll provide peace and tranquility as you enjoy your deck.


Electronic Wiring

Are you a fan of sports? Perhaps you enjoy binge watching your favorite TV shows. Why not bring screen time outdoors? It’s possible to wire the deck for video and sound. The majority of homeowners opt to install speakers for music; however, it’s possible to go all the way and put in wiring for video. Imagine being able to enjoy all of your favorite shows and teams all from the comfort of your new custom deck!


Outdoor Kitchen

If you’re the entertainer amongst friends and family and love hosting events, you should consider adding an outside kitchen to the deck. An outdoor kitchen allows you to spend more time outside with those you love while preparing all the fixings. Plus, an outdoor kitchen opens the door to host even more occasions such as wedding receptions, graduation parties, or birthday parties with ease, since your major “catering” needs can easily be met with an expert design in place.


When you’re ready to stop dreaming and start planning your new deck, give our team a call. We love helping Chattanooga area residents realize their vision of stellar outdoor living spaces and would be honored to work with you.

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