House Siding Top Color Forest GreenIf you are searching for home siding inspiration and wondering what might look fantastic on your house, consider one of these five popular colors for your new home siding:

Forest Green

Homes situated in rural regions and through the northern parts of the US often are painted with several different hues of green, inspired by the nature that surrounds them. Forest Green is among the most sought-after shades seen around these regions.

Granite Gray

House Siding Top Color Granite Gray

The color gray is a multi-faceted shade which comes in several hues. Granite Gray is a more neutral, lighter gray that’s almost universally pleasing, and works well in all areas. Granite Gray, lighter than the color Flagstone, with warmer undertones, may be utilized from coast to coast on various architectural styles where a unique, light neutral shade is preferred.

Light Maple

House Siding Top Color Light Maple

Natural, light colors also are extremely popular in nearly every area of the United States. That includes shades such as Light Maple, a robust tone similar to the translucent shade of the heartwood discovered inside a freshly cut maple tree.


House Siding Top Color Hearthstone

As gray colors have increased in popularity, so too has the blending of shades of gray with more classic neutrals such as tan. The result leads to a color that is similar to Hearthstone; a rich, warm neutral, just close enough to the color gray to be grouped with this category’s popularity.

Because this color is warmer than other gray shades, it couples better with accent shades such as green, red, cream, and orange, which makes it a highly versatile shade that works on many houses.

Linen White

House Siding Top Color Linen White

Nearly universally appealing, you will see a number of white and light colored houses throughout the country. Linen white is the ideal background shade for creating a classic, subtle home palette. Coupled with a red door and black shutters, Linen is a somewhat warmer hue of white which may help make a house look more cozy and approachable.

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