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Selections in deck products are consistently increasing and the market is ever-changing. Gaining an idea of the price will place your mind at ease and bring you a step closer to your amazing new deck. What are a few of the factors about a new deck that may increase the price?

Size of Deck

The bigger a deck, the bigger the cost. That does not mean you should scale your project back. Ask the deck installers at Chattanooga Exteriors. We can help to determine how much space you’ll require according to the deck’s use. For example, if the average amount of people on the deck at one time is two, you will probably not require more than a few hundred square feet. However, if you have plans on having a hot tub on the deck, space may have to be expanded on. Also, note that a lot of deck boards are available in standard lengths. Keeping the width or length of the future deck to 12 feet, 16 feet, or 20 feet will decrease waste and thereby bring the deck’s cost down, though the square footage will be the same as another type of design may be.

High Decks Cost More

If the deck is high, it’ll cost more. Such decks take a longer time to build, labor costs go up and the substructure is more extensive on high decks. Anyone who works on the high deck is going to have to be tied down. A lot of time will be spent on ladders and there is an increase in danger while constructing a high deck. All of those things cause the deck budget to increase. Anything that is above 6’ is considered a high deck, so you should budget accordingly. Low decks also bring a heavier expense, yet for different reasons. If your deck is set to be below 16 inches, trenching might have to happen. Digging out sufficient soil to fit the new deck’s substructure is a must but also takes time.

Choice of Decking Material

Your decking material choice is going to affect your bottom line. A lot of wood products have lower costs than low-maintenance materials. Note that while choosing wood vs. low-maintenance, there isn’t any warranty on wood, whereby the majority of low-maintenance goods carry 20 – 25-year warranties. Whether you opt for wood or aluminum rails and if the deck is going to contain skirting are all things you should consider while budgeting and planning for a new deck.

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