Although siding is made to last for years, no matter if it is designed of clapboard or wood shingles, brick or stucco, aluminum or vinyl, siding ultimately grows old, wears out, and needs to be replaced.

There also are times when healthy siding requires critical repairs to fix damage from insects, winds, extreme cold or heat, fungus, or impacts. vinyl siding chattanooga exteriors

Indications that siding is ready for replacement:

  • Its color has faded. Siding is made to hold its rated period of performance life and color. Fading may be an indication of sun damage; however, it also can be an indication that it isn’t protecting your house the way it once did.
  • Your cooling and heating expenses have risen. If your utility bills have soared above energy company rate increases, it is time to scrutinize the siding.
  • Loose wallpaper in your house. Sadly, it may be an indication that wallboards were absorbing moisture from humid outside air which has permeated the siding.

 Indications that siding requires repair work:

  • A storm that has heavy winds blew through your community and you find holes punched in the stucco; tiles missing from the clapboard siding; chips, cracks, or broken small parts in your aluminum or vinyl siding or sections which are missing or loose.
  • Animal/insect nest or dry rot discovered in section of new wood sidings.
  • Section of rust or mildew/fungus on new sidings.
  • Water damage.
  • A variety of structural faults potentially caused by faulty installation.

Even minor siding damage that is left unrepaired may hurt your house by allowing insects, dirt, water, and air inside your house. To safeguard your biggest investment from major repairs, make repair of siding a priority on your “To Do” list.

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