Renewal By Andersen Advantages

10 Proven Advantages of Renewal by Andersen® Windows & Patio Doors


Far exceeds the life expectancy of all other traditional windows materials. (Aluminum, P.V.C., & Wood). FIBREX does NOT rust, rot, pit, mold, or turn brittle.

Energy Efficiency

Fibrex Windows & Patio Doors obtained the HIGHEST ENERGY EFFICIENCY Rating (ER) among the Ontario Hydro list of 1300 similar products by over 100 manufacturers.

Structural Stability

Fibrex has very nearly the same thermally caused expansion and contraction of glass; therefore, it will not stress the glazing seals and the perimeter caulking, nor will it warp.

Structural Strength

The strength of Fibrex (9 times that of P.V.C.) allows for larger glass area and long-lasting, reliable operation.

No-Maintenance Colors

Extensively tested, the outstanding factory color coating insures no-maintenance performance as well as allowing later-date color change.


Renewal by Andersen’s Fibrex windows has been shown to provide excellent soundproofing.


Fibrex Windows meet or exceed all USA Building Codes & C.S.A. requirements.


Fibrex Windows are designed as Fenestration Systems to provide a wide range of window combination options and are CUSTOM-MADE to FIT.


Slim, attractive profiles offer balanced sight lines & brighter windows.


Renewal by Andersen’s extensive research and development efforts has achieved the famously elusive goal: High Quality & High-Performance at Affordable Prices.

Window Styles:

Beauty And Energy Efficiency Are Yours With Renewal By Andersen Windows

Whether your tastes run classic or contemporary, Renewal by Andersen has the right window for your home. Plus, each window is custom-manufactured to fit the architecture of your home.

Here are some of the most popular window styles: