deck builders chattanoogaWhen choosing any building material, there are always 3 factors to take into consideration: cost, maintenance, and aesthetics. There are several benefits to choosing composite decks over wood decks.


Trex decks are usually bigger investments than wood decks. Trex is a more durable material, meaning that it lasts much longer than wood. With wood, you will be replacing damaged and warped woods—we understand how the weather gets in Chattanooga. Even though composite decks are bigger investments, you will be saving a lot of money in the long term.


Not every decking material is made the same, and none of them have the same durability. The aim includes getting a finished material that will last a while, but that isn’t the reality for the majority of decks. Wood decks require more maintenance than Trex for these reasons:

  • Residing in Chattanooga comes with lots of harsh elements and weather—you will need to replace damaged or warped boards and reseal and paint wood frequently
  • Unwanted pests, (termites), are a common issue with wood decks. There isn’t any proven method of stopping them from eating up your deck, which adds up to frequent repairs.

Aesthetics and Looks

Always give consideration to the overall aesthetics and look of the deck—not just should the deck look nice, it should also match the house that it is attached to. When you use wood decking, you have to look at grain and color, which are more restricted in options than Trex decking.

When you pick Trex decking you’ll instantly have a bigger number of colors to select from, which will make it a lot easier to match your dream for your freshly renovated house. In addition, you’ll avoid fading and stains, which is a common issue with wood decks.

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