Planning A Deck – Plan 6 months Prior to Wanting The Deck

deck planning

It isn’t difficult to imagine the benefits of building a deck during the summertime, which is the reason why so many pick that time of year to start construction. But the truth that so many do it during the peak season is a major part of the reason why the ideal time to construct a…

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Winterizing Your Home

Once the temperature starts dropping, consider these end-of-season and maintenance tasks that are going to help to protect your property and winterize your home. Follow these 6 steps to get your home ready for winter: Check your gutters Prevent ice dams by installing gutter guards, cleaning out your gutters, and ensuring your attic floor is…

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Considering the Installment of a Privacy Screen for the Deck?

installed privacy screen on deck

If you’re planning a new deck or have an existing deck you may be thinking about adding the functionality and design of a privacy screen. At Chattanooga Exteriors we receive many questions from clients regarding adding a privacy screen to their current deck or to a new deck we’re installing for them. It’s absolutely possible…

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What is the Average Cost of Building a Deck?

residential house building deck

Selections in deck products are consistently increasing and the market is ever-changing. Gaining an idea of the price will place your mind at ease and bring you a step closer to your amazing new deck. What are a few of the factors about a new deck that may increase the price? Size of Deck The…

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3 Exterior Design Trends for 2022

exterior design trends

Curb appeal isn’t just critical in increasing a home’s value, it is also important for creating a lifestyle and setting that is customized to a home’s inhabitants.   The top 2022 exterior house design trends provide various ways to curate the exterior space so that it accomplishes unique style and character. These three ideas provide…

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Composite doors: What are they made of?

Composite doors are designed of a choice of materials, which includes uPVC and a solid timber to name a few. Each material is selected for its unique properties which are fused together to create an exceptionally strong door. Unlike uPVC doors made of plastic alone, Chattanooga Exterior’s composite doors are forged utilizing multiple materials glued…

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What Are the Best Window Styles for 2022? Part 2

bathroom windows

In our last blog we listed three types of trendy main window designs for houses. In this post, we thought we would add four more. So without further ado, here they are: Window Design in the Bathroom The majority of folks ignore the truth that bathrooms require windows for ventilation. Windows not just enable better…

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What Are the Best Window Styles for 2022?

Windows are critical in any house to allow lots of air and light to enter. But they do not come as one-size-fits-all home designs. Various kinds of designs serve various purposes, as far as functionality and enhanced aesthetic appearance is concerned. It’s vital that you recognize the differences between windows to understand which are better…

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3 Signs It is Time to Replace the Windows

different types of windows

Connecting the indoors to the outdoors, windows have the vital duty of helping to keep a house safe, comfortable, and well-ventilated. Therefore, how will you know when it is time to replace the windows? You likely pay very little attention to windows until they stop operating correctly, yet here are 3 signs that now’s the…

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Types of Black Patio Doors

black patio doors

There are several different kinds of patio doors that will fit your style and space. Each kind of patio door works in a distinct way that will benefit your lifestyle. Black French Doors That Open Up to Patio French doors, additionally referred to as hinged doors, feature one or multiple panels that can swing out…

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