Is Your Home In Need of Residing?

before and after residing

Things to Consider: Re-siding a home can be a difficult process that requires many steps to ensure it is done right. Our team at Chattanooga Exteriors is ready and willing to help you with re-siding your home. Here are the steps you need to take when you are ready to reside your home. Are looking…

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What Are the Benefits of Installing a New Deck?

patio deck installation

When you imagine a deck for your house, what do you think of? As a homeowner, it’s possible to use a deck in numerous ways. At Chattanooga Exteriors, here’s favorite benefits of  building a new deck:   New Decks Are Affordable When it comes to home additions, the price of a deck installation and design…

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What are Common Deck Features?

patio and deck design

Once you have made the decision to install a brand-new deck, it’s time to consider which kind of features you want to include in your home upgrade. An elevated outdoor living experience is possible with a barbecue pit, fire pit, and wooden table. You can opt for a modern style deck with an outdoor kitchen,…

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Why Should You Re-side Your Home?

Is your home’s siding getting to the end of its usable life? If the answer is yes, this summer may be the time to re-side your house. New siding can make a real difference in your home’s appearance. Beyond aesthetics, when you use the right material, new siding can provide increased protection for your home.…

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Why Choose James Hardie Siding?

James Hardie Siding

This season, are you prepared to replace your siding? If the answer is yes, have you made the decision yet on which material or brand you will be using? If you still aren’t certain, we strongly suggest top-notch James Hardie® siding products. James Hardie is the recognized leader when it comes to quality fiber cement…

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What Are the Benefits of a Screened In Porch Addition?

Imagine your loved ones consuming a relaxing meal or throwing a little party for the neighbors within the comfort of your new screened in porch. Adding a screened in porch to your house offers a plethora of benefits, which includes the following: Keep Insects Away from Your Loved Ones – Appreciate the out-of-doors without having…

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What Are the Benefits of Patio Pergolas?

From major backyard upgrades to landscape enhancements, homeowners around the world have clung to the new obsession with outside living spaces. The real estate marketplace has taken notice, marking boosts in sales prices for properties boasting notable outside areas. As a matter of fact, buyers within markets throughout communities of all types are noting how…

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Door Replacement Benefits


Even if that old door is still in decent condition, it may be time to think about expert entry door replacement. Putting in a new front door might seem like a minor upgrade; however, it may have a substantial impact on your house in several ways. Curb Appeal There are a number of ways to…

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Seven Benefits of Window Replacement


If you are considering window replacement, rest assured the advantages of replacing your windows add up. Here’s how: 1. Reduce Energy Expenses Window replacement might be one of the top cost-effective home improvements to make. Windows that are well insulated keep harsh outdoor conditions from impacting your interior heating and cooling system. 2. Ultraviolet Protection…

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When to Repair Your Siding

vinyl siding chattanooga exteriors

Although siding is made to last for years, no matter if it is designed of clapboard or wood shingles, brick or stucco, aluminum or vinyl, siding ultimately grows old, wears out, and needs to be replaced. There also are times when healthy siding requires critical repairs to fix damage from insects, winds, extreme cold or…

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