installed privacy screen on deckIf you’re planning a new deck or have an existing deck you may be thinking about adding the functionality and design of a privacy screen.

At Chattanooga Exteriors we receive many questions from clients regarding adding a privacy screen to their current deck or to a new deck we’re installing for them.

It’s absolutely possible to install a privacy screen to a present deck, but it might be a complex endeavor.

The challenges of adding a privacy screen

When you consider installing a deck privacy screen, you might think that it’s just erecting a wall on one part of the deck. However, to make sure that the screen and deck still comply with the building code, there’s a bit more to it than this.

In order to make sure everything is constructed in compliance with the building codes in your area, installing a privacy screen to a present deck typically means removing the skirt, trim, and deck floor in order for the screen to be installed correctly.

Sometimes it might be more economical to install the screen right into the ground using concrete footings directly outside the deck’s footprint.

If you are planning a deck, should you immediately include the privacy screen?

If you’re constructing a new deck and believe you’ll want a screen, the construction will be more straightforward if you immediately add the screen. The price to add a screen to a current deck is going to be greater than building it with the initial deck build.

If you’re thinking about your options, we’d be glad to give you estimates for the deck both without and with a screen to assist you in making a decision.

What if you want to add a screen down the line?

If you’re presently constructing a deck and believe you may want to get a screen down the line, let us know. It’ll enable us to install the right framing into your deck ahead of time, which makes the privacy screen installation easier when you’re prepared to do so.

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