A Few Simple Tips To Make A Chilly Winter More Tolerable

Here at Chattanooga Exteriors we take great pride in providing our customers with ways to improve their lives, without necessarily tapping their wallets. Case in point, here are a few good ideas to keep Old Man Winter at bay, without draining the bank account (especially around the holidays!).

At little to no cost, these tips can save you serious coin when the drops.

  1. Flip your Fan – Most people think ceiling fans are only for cooling. Not so … reversing your fan during the cooler months will force that warm air from the ceiling (remember your elementary school science … warm air rises) back down into your living space. Run it on the lowest speed setting and you will be surprised by the warm breeze. Believe it or not, you can reduce your heating expense by as much as 10% with this nifty trick.
  2. Change Your Filters – This one seems obvious, but many people simply forget. Dirty furnace or HVAC unit filters rob you of real money. Put a reminder in your calendar, on your phone or stick one to the fridge, but swap those filters every month. By the way, try to get a real HEPA (not “HEPA-like) filter, they trap up to 99% of all allergens, so your family will not only save money on energy, they’ll feel better too.
  3. Cool Your Jets – Water jets that is … turning down the temperature setting on your hot water heater to about 120 degree can save another 7-10% on your energy bill. A word of caution here. Having your hot water temp at 140 or higher can cause serious accidental burns, especially to small children or the elderly. But we should also note that if you have a smaller hot water heater and a large family, you may run out of hot water before every one is done showering at 120 degrees. 
  4. Mind The Gap – The Department of Energy says you can waste up to 30% of your energy due to gaps in your windows or doors. Seal drafty areas with a good old fashioned “draft snake” until Chattanooga Exteriors can get you some airtight fenestrations (that’s fancy talk for any hole in your house that a window or door should go in). But seriously, a short term fix is an old necktie or tube sock filled with kitty litter to weigh it down. Place up against the draft to block the cold. 
  5. Tap The Thermostat –Leaving the house or going to bed? Just tap that thermostat down a few degrees. If you are asleep, you won’t mind it a little cooler and why waste money heating an empty house when you are gone. Easy does it though, you don’t want to drop the temp more than about 5-6 degrees otherwise your furnace will work too hard to bring it back up and waste what you saved by lowering it. If you are going to be gone for an extended period, like a vacation to somewhere warm and beachy … lower your thermostat down to the fifties and back up your normal range when you return with your tan.
  6. Jump Ugly – Did you know that even an ugly Christmas sweater can make it feel 4 degrees warmer in your home? That’s right, this tip might be the simplest of all. Dress warmer. President Jimmy Carter had it right when he asked the country to turn down the thermostat and dress warmer to save energy. It holds true today, dressing warmer and staying active can reduce the cost of your energy bills, get you in better shape AND have you looking especially dashing in a sweater.

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