exterior design trendsCurb appeal isn’t just critical in increasing a home’s value, it is also important for creating a lifestyle and setting that is customized to a home’s inhabitants.


The top 2022 exterior house design trends provide various ways to curate the exterior space so that it accomplishes unique style and character. These three ideas provide three separate approaches to outside house aesthetics, and they’ll share something else in common — they are all bold design options that are able to elevate any home’s outside ambiance.


Take a look into these three 2022 exterior house trends:


Earthy, Dark Siding Colors

Siding is a simple method of bringing immediate impact to a home’s outside appearance. For the year 2022, trends in exterior siding are set to prioritize earthy, dark colors that communicate stability, vitality, and strength — all qualities ideal for making a home feel more like an oasis. Dark brown, forest green, burgundy, navy blue, and maroon are among a few of the most gorgeous dark siding choices that will be witnessing an increase in popularity this year.


 Big Texture

big texture designOne other major design trend for exterior home layouts for this year is integrating visual texture into a property’s facade. Rather than a smooth wash, visual texture within certain areas will help highlight a residence’s unique architectural features, as well as bring added character and interest to an exterior. Visual texture may be accomplished in several areas, which include the roofing, window trim, and fascia; however, siding remains the most popular and easiest spot for creating more visual texture.


Black Accent Color

black accent colorDifferent shades of black, which include charcoal, onyx, and ebony are set to make an appearance this year as a leading trend in exterior house design, yet not always as a primary color. Black, instead, is expected to be a very popular accent shade this year, so it’s going to be used for window trim, door trim, porch banisters, soffit, and much more. Paired with white, brown, or other shades, the use of black as an accent will create a broad array of stylish looks.


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