modern kitchen windowsGiven the massive amount of time families spend in the heart of the home, kitchen windows are critical to brightening a room, and they add design interest and make a high-traffic space feel larger. A new window has the power to transform the feel of the kitchen. Check out these three ideas for kitchen windows to inspire your next home improvement project.

Casement Windows

As far as kitchen windows over the sink are concerned, casement windows are very popular because they’re easy to close and open, even in spaces that are hard to reach. Pick between a crank which folds away when not being used, or an Easy-Slide Operator which enables you to simply slide to close and open with little effort. Oftentimes, casement windows are used in pairs then hinged to swing outward, similar to French doors. This aids in providing a breeze and ventilation in a room which often produces heat and aroma. Adding a casement window above your sink is an aesthetically attractive yet practical method of taking advantage of space which frequently goes unutilized.

Picture Windows

A picture window is another amazing option when you are searching for extra light in your kitchen. Picture windows don’t open and look beautiful over sinks. A rectangular black window acts as a focal point over your sink. To make the area feel brighter and even more welcoming, think about using kitchen window design ideas like white picture windows over your kitchen sink.

Bay Windows 

Bay windows, combining multiple windows at an angle, extend beyond the walls, and add more space to the kitchen. Like bay windows, bow windows additionally extend out beyond the walls, yet in a more graceful curve that is composed of several windows. Bay windows, acting as a kitchen window sill, are commonly utilized behind a sink or inside a breakfast nook space that showcases plants and décor. Adding a bench under bay kitchen windows is a stylish and clever way to seat more family members around the table.

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