People working from home know the importance of creating a space that’s free of distractions, comfortable, and clean.

There are different types of windows to select from, each of which provides a great way to accommodate the needs of a home office. man and window

Open Home Office Up Using Sliding Windows

If you have limited outdoor space to swing open a window, a sliding window is a simple option. A sliding window is similar to a double-hung window. It differs by horizontally sliding open from one part to the other instead of down and up. This provides easy access to clean air. This window type is very popular for difficult-to-reach spaces.

Sliding windows are not only convenient to use, they require minimal maintenance, are energy efficient, and are durable.

Double- and Single-Hung Windows Provide Better Air Flow

A single-hung window is a classic option. The lower sashes of single-hung windows move up and down, whereby the top sashes are fixed in place. A double-hung window is a bit more versatile because bottom and top sashes may be opened to increase ventilation and air flow.

Also, the sash of a double-hung window may be tilted in and down for more convenient and simpler cleaning, particularly if your home office isn’t on the ground floor of your house.

Casement Windows: Staple of Home Offices

The last thing you need in a work area is clutter, and simplistic casement window designs assist in creating a comfortable and well-lit atmosphere. Casement windows open up the home office with more natural lighting and they contribute to a work area that improves productivity.

Besides function, style also is a key consideration while selecting a window. A casement window is versatile and if left free of ornamentation, may offer a modernized touch that’d feel cozier in more of a contemporary setting. Depending upon the space’s color palette, windows also present a chance to incorporate color through the window treatments or hardware selections.

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