James Hardie Siding Display

Here are the 3 main reasons why James Hardie plank is a smarter option when choosing siding for your house.

James Hardie siding will not crack, warp, or rot

Residences built in geographic areas that are subjected to high humidity levels, temperature fluctuations, and inclement weather are susceptible to very fast rates of wear and tear. Wood warps and rots; vinyl thins and cracks over time. Both will trap moisture, leading to decay, and the subsequent compromise of your home’s structural integrity.

Unlike vinyl and wood, James Hardie siding is an impact resistant substance that will not crack, warp, or rot in the face of environmental conditions we often face in Chattanooga and the surrounding area. In turn, it has higher longevity than its counterparts and it doesn’t require the expensive repairs and upkeep other kinds of siding demand.

In addition to being very durable, James Hardie also holds paint longer and easily can be cleaned, further reducing the price of maintenance over the product’s life.

James Hardie siding is fire-resistant

When exposed to flames, vinyl siding quickly melts, and creates a condition that’s both hazardous and toxic to the inhabitants. And more natural materials? Well, it’s no secret how rapidly a wood residence could go up in smoke once there’s a fire in the house.

James Hardie siding, however, is highly fire-resistant. Adding it to your property not only increases your loved one’s overall safety in case of a fire, but depending upon your insurance policy, may also reduce the price of your homeowner’s insurance.

James Hardie siding isn’t impacted by termites

Termite damage is among the top causes of home degradation. Getting rid of a termite infestation is a very challenging process and repairing termite damage is very expensive, if not impossible. Since James Hardie siding is made of fiber cement, it isn’t subject to natural hazards like termite infestations, adding another protection layer to your home’s durability.

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