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If you are considering window replacement, rest assured the advantages of replacing your windows add up. Here’s how:

1. Reduce Energy Expenses

Window replacement might be one of the top cost-effective home improvements to make. Windows that are well insulated keep harsh outdoor conditions from impacting your interior heating and cooling system.

2. Ultraviolet Protection

Most folks like to have natural lighting in their home, yet excessive UV rays may cause fading in the interior of your home. Safeguard your property’s floors, furnishings, and walls by selecting windows with Low-E insulating triple-pane or double-pane glass with argon. This offers extra protection from ultraviolet rays.

3. Easy Maintenance

Replacing all existing windows with quality, new windows featuring advanced designs increases sustainability. Search for durable, easy-clean features, and high-quality construction. Innovative designs such as shades, between-the-glass blinds, or grilles not only contribute to less effort you’ll have to put into cleaning, but they can also decrease the amount of allergens and dust inside your residence.

4. Safer Home

Quality doors and windows come with glass options which may increase your home’s security and safety. Tempered glass is less likely to lead to injury when accidentally broken, as it’s made to break into granular, small chunks rather than splintering into jagged shards. Laminated glass features a polymer interlayer which holds the glass together if shattered – providing extra protection from possible intruders.

5. Noise Reduction

Want a better night’s rest or the ability to finally sleep in on the weekends? It is possible to decrease exterior noise by installing quality windows that have noise-reducing glass options.

6. Curb Appeal

While window replacement may increase security and decrease energy expenses, the material, color, and style also can benefit your home. New window installation boosts the curb appeal of your house, adds visual interest, and will help increase the overall value of your house.

7. House Value

Window replacement projects will return homeowners over 78 percent of the project expenses upon resale, according to the NAR (National Association of Realtors).

When purchasing new windows for your house, you’ll want to remember function, aesthetics, and protection from cold and hot weather. ENERGY STAR® windows will assist in keeping your house cooler in the summertime and warmer in the wintertime. To get started, call Chattanooga Exteriors for a window replacement consultation at (423) 389-4283.

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