snow at roof

Once the temperature starts dropping, consider these end-of-season and maintenance tasks that are going to help to protect your property and winterize your home. Follow these 6 steps to get your home ready for winter:

Check your gutters

Prevent ice dams by installing gutter guards, cleaning out your gutters, and ensuring your attic floor is insulated correctly. Your attic should be well-ventilated and around ten degrees hotter than the outside temperature.

Protect your pipes

Safeguard against frozen pipes by insulating the ones that might be vulnerable to freezing. Once the temperature dips under 32 degrees Fahrenheit, keep a steady stream of water running in a couple of faucets to protect against bursting and freezing. In order to protect plumbing underneath bathroom and kitchen sinks, consider opening up your cabinet doors so hot air may surround your pipes.

Seal any cracks

Caulk any holes and openings that surround doors, windows, mail chutes, and air conditioners to help keep cool air from entering. It is also possible to install seals and weather stripping for an extra method of heat loss protection.

Stop the falls, trips, and slips

Keep sidewalks and driveways clear of snow and ice and fix any problems with handrails and steps. It’s also possible to get ready for winter weather safety by keeping deicing salt on hand for sprinkling on your driveway, sidewalks, and steps. Make certain that you read the instructions for proper protective gear and distribution.

Install emergency pressure release valve

Think about installing an emergency release valve in the plumbing system. It will guard against increased pressure that is caused by freezing pipes and may keep them from bursting. It also is good to learn how to turn off the water and be familiar with where the pipes are located.

Keep your home cozy

Set the thermostat to about 65 degrees Fahrenheit and be certain that your apartment or house is well-insulated. Think about installing a programmable or energy-efficient thermostat that helps to keep hot air inside the rooms used the most without having to rack up high utility bills.

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